01 June, 2009

Be Grateful

A reminder, to be grateful for everything that I have and receive.

I'd like to think that somewhere out there, something, someone, is looking out for me... Yet they want me to know, even though I'm looked after, I need to work for everything too...

No freebies, no bonuses.

Heard from a friend that the company I work for has a deal with Mazda. We can claim a rebate if the vehicle is purchased with our name. Naturally, I thought this was a bonus, woohoo! Free $.

It just so happens that the hot water tank at home starts leaking on the same day I mail the documents off. Calling the number from the sticker on the side of the tank, the repair man arrives at 7:40am on a Monday morning. Took him less than 5 seconds to tell me it needs to be replaced. The leak couldn't be fixed because it's seeping through the bottom of the tank. Apparently hot water tanks are meant to last about 10 years... ours was 12 years old.

So the first day of winter 2009, I spend $1095 on hot water for the next 10 years. Exactly the amount I expect to get from my Mazda rebate. A coincidence I'm sure... but I can't help but think someone up there is making sure I can live comfortably. The claims person from Mazda called to ask for my bank details today, so... we'll see how it matches up.

All in all, I'm surprised, and appreciative of the arrangements that were made for me... :)

now come on, give me a new LCD tv!!!!!